D6938 at Bromsgrove South 3-8-1964. Photo. Dave Turner.

Bromsgrove and Blackwell Signalmen

​Alec Bubb, Bill Dainton, James Davis, Ted Higgins, Danny Rann, Arthur Rudge, Fred Smith, George Alladice, Doug Cooper, Archie Lovatt, Harry Crawford, Edgar Limerick (Relief), John Mills, Howard Wheeler, Len Boskett, T Davies, Arthur Furbear, Ted Mason, O Smith, Bernard Wilson, Dave Schuck, Basil Glover, John Allbutt, Bert Haycox, William Selvin, Stuart Turrell, ​.

This photo was brought to the book signing by Lesley Coulson whose Grandad, Albert Jackman, can be seen in the cab of the Jinty at Bromsgrove South..

R.A. (Jim) Core, the last Bromsgrove shedmaster. Thanks to Jim's daughter we now know that Jim was born in Worcester and not Bromsgrove as stated in the book.

Additional Photos and facts

Bromsgrove Weighbridge

​Jack Franklin, George Stanley

Other Bromsgrove Staff.

Appleton (Porter) 1860, James Archer (Clerk) 1883, Archie (Goods Shed Clerk), Joseph Arrowsmith (Ticket Collector/Porter) 1874/80, James Bale (Porter) 1912, Thomas Bayley (Porter) 1883, Bradshaw (Assistant Stationmaster) 1878, Jim Beech (Foreman) c1960's, William Bradley (Porter) 1883, William Connor (Porter) 1866, William Crewe (Porter) 1881, John Dolphin (Booking Clerk) 1873, Doug Byng (Booking Clerk) 1962, Edwin Giles (Porter) 1873, Joseph Harrison (Porter) 1874, Oliver Henry Hawkins (Porter) 1912, Harry Haycock (Porter), Charlie Hazlewood (Shunter), William Holden (Porter) 1924, Bill Holder (C and W Shunter), Hughes (Booking Clerk) 1962, Hunt (Porter) 1860, Edwin Lane (Porter) 1876, George Law (Inspector), Charles Leach (Ticket Collector) 1878, Darryl Lucas (Porter) 1962, William Mantle (Foreman Porter) 1874, Pares (Traffic Department) 1881, Arthur Pargeter (Foreman), Danny Rann (Porter) 1962/3, Ken Sapwell (Shunter), Edwin Shottlewood (Porter) 1924, Elijar Smith (Porter) 1873, Robert Stallard (Porter) 1860, Tom Tedstone (Parcels Office), Teresa (Booking Clerk), Dave Wallater (Shunter), Charles Watton (Porter) 1864, Frank Whittle (Shunter/Guard), Gilbert Williams (Foreman), John Yelland (Foreman Porter) c1935/1940.

Pat at Bromsgrove in 1983.

Some photos that arrived too late for inclusion in the book and some additional information.

D142 wrong road at Bromsgrove. 23-8-1964. Photo. Dave Turner.


Brookes, A Core (Jim), Ted Harris, B Jones, Tony Longfils, Joe Wilkins, Tug Wilson.

8405 near Newton Bridge 27-5-1961. Photo Dave Turmer.

47308 at Bromsgrove South. Photo Alan Butler.

Passed Firemen, Passed Cleaners, Firemen and Secondmen.

Jack Adams, R Allen, Trevor Annetts, Kevin Barham, Geofrey Barnes, Derek Barton, Cyril Bedford, Tom Bedford, Charles Berwick, Robert Berwick, Ernie Bluck, Bob Boskett, John Bradley, Brian Crashley, William Joseph Brunton, Robert Burman, Alan Butler, Henry Byng, Tony Caleb, A Carpenter, Edward Shaw Carter, Mike Carter, D Cartwright, Clements, Bill Clisset, Grahame Colley, Tony Corcoran, Eddie Coventry, B Loy or Coy, F Crashley, Tony Crawford, Crossley, Royston Cummings, Keith Davis or Davies, Brian Delves, W Devine, B Dipple, George Dunn, Robert Dunn, Trevor Evans, Billy Field, Harold Fletcher, Thomas Fletcher, Edwin German, Richard Gibbon, M Gibbs, John Gilder, Bob Gisborne, Stanley Gittins, Layton Goodwin, Hughie Green, Gordon Griffiths, Ray Griffiths, Harry Groves, David Guise, Derek Guy, Peter Hall, Keith Hargreaves, Derek Harris, Tim Healey, George Healey, John Hill, Ralph Hill, J Hitchcock, David Houghton, Brian Houseman, Charles Howard, Geofrey Ince, Alan Janssons, Dagger Jones, Lawrence Kendall, Ray Kimberley, Ken Lammas, R Lammas, John Large, Peter Latham, Gordon Loat, Stuart Lowe, Darryl Lucas, Bill Lunnon, Norman Malpas, George Manning, Philip Marshman, Mick Mathews, Hughie McGinn, Mckenzie, Mike Metcalf, Norman Minett, Albert Morris, George Nichols, Keith Nicklin, O'Donnell, Tom O'Toole, Andy Oakey, S G Oakley, Les Owen, Brian Perkins, D Perry, Stuart Pinfield, Les Plews, Dan Ponting, R Price, Mick Ralphs, Harry Raybould, Mick Richardson, Ted Riddell, Jack Roberts, Sid Rowland, John Rudge, Norman Rudge, Philip Rudge, Gordon Russell, Ted Rutter, John Rutter, T Rutter,  Ken Simmonds, Arthur Skip, Ivor Smith, William Smith, Alan Spencer, C Standon, Chris Stevens, Fred Stokes, K Stokes, Ron Stokes, John Suckling, Ken Suckling, Grahame Taylor, Ian Tipper, Ben Tipton, Roy Tolley, Barry Troth, Eric Underhill, N Underwood, Syd Usher, Mick Vallender, Alan Vine, Alan Waldron, John Walker, Ken Walker, Trevor Walker, Ray Wardle, Job Wasley, Martin Wedgborough, Brian Wilkes, Gilbert Wilkes, S G Windrum, Les Wood, Mick Wood.    

​Jim Core with Driver Bill Harper in 1920.

​​​Lickey Railwaymen and Women


(These lists will be added to if more names come to light.)

​Edward Allen (Ted, Monty),George Allen, Harry Allen, Walter Allen, Joe Ashfield, Gordon Baker, George Bardon, Walter Bates, Bill Baulch, Edward Bird (Ted), Ben Bishop, Jack Bishop, Fred Bourne, William Bozward (Ted), Jim Bradley, Harold Brassington, Brunton, William Carwardine (Bill), Joe Clapton, Frank Cliff, George Clissold, George Colley, Jim Core, Bill Devereaux, Benjamin Dolphin, John Donohue, George Henry Dunn, George Dyer, Charlie Evans, James Favel, Tommy Field, Ted Geofrey, Robert Gill (Bob), Alf Griffiths, Arthur Griffiths, Tom Grindley, Ted Guy, Derek Guy, Trevor Gwynne, Bert Halfpenny, Job Hall, Bill Hardy, William Harper (Bill), Ted Harris, Harvey Haylings, Hill, Harry Hinett, Sid Hollingshead, Bertram Hopewell, Ince, Albert Jakeman, Harry Jay, Ted Jeffrey, Harold Jones, Jim Kirkam, Arthur Laight, Arthur Lawson, Dennis Lott, Ted Love, Harry Marsh, Vic Maund, D McHarg (Mac), Doug Miller, William Morris, Mike Morris, H Moyle (Bert), Charlie Muddiman, Tom Newman, Frank Newsome, Wilfred Panting, Charlie Pegler, Bill Phelps, Ted Phelps, Dan Ponting, George Pidgeon, Reg Probert, Vic Randall, Jack Richardson, Alfred Rimmer, Jim Roberts, Les Rudge, Sampson Rudge, Cyril Rutter, Ted Rutter, Thomas Scaife, Bill Scribbins, Jack Smith, Sam Smith, Danny Stainton, George Stanley, Ron Stokes, E Stone (Ted), Edgar Suckling, Jack Suckling, Sid Taylor, Charlie Trigg, Harry Turner, Wilfred Vallender, Harry Walker, Pat Wallace, Sid Wheeley, John White, Joe Whiting, James Woodward, Arthur Wright, Ernie Yeates, Wild.


​44571 pulling it's train over the top at Blackwell. 13-5-1961

Shed Staff

S Abel (Casual Labourer), C Berwick (Boilersmiths Labourer), J Berwick (Casual Labourer), D Bowers (Clerk), Brookes (Clerk), P Bunkill (Fitter), Jack Daniels, Edwin Dawson (Fitter), L A Denston, Dennis Faulkner (Fitters Mate), G Field (Chargeman), Gladys (Boilersmith), Ada Goode, Harold Goode, Tom Goode, G Harris (Casual Labourer), Jim Hoskins, Leddington (Casual Labourer), C Mead (Shedman), Mick O'Neil (Coalman), Pat O'Neil (Shedman), Horace Pedley, Pidgeon (Casual Labourer), Thomas Rickitt, Tom Riley, Daphne Rudge (Shedmasters Secretary), Ted Spencer, George Stanley, J Tippin (Clerk), R Wardle (Coalman), Ray Webley (Fitter), Arthur White (Shedman).

9493 just south of Blackwell 28-7-1961. Photo Dave Turner.

                                                          Blackwell Brakesmen.

​Eric Berry, Fred Berry, Fred Bug, Mat Corbett, Joseph Eades (1885), Thomas Eades (1891), Bill Glenn, Edward Hill (1874), Marcus Liddell (1891/2), Cyril Milner, John Parker (1881), Edwin Wilson (1873/1881), Walter Wilson (1891). Charles Moss (Charlie, Chas).

Engine Cleaners.

W Adams, R D Allen, W Bedford, M Gibbs, J Cameron, D Hartopp, C Lainchbury, G Townsend.


92079 at the coal stage. Photo Alan Butler.

Permanent Way

Jabez Barlow (Platelayer) 1865, John Bingham (P Way Inspector) 1880-1906, Robert Clarke, Alfred Green (Foreman Platelayer) 1874, George Harris, Thomas Heywood (Platelayer) 1867, Arthur Leddington, R J Lomas (Sub Inspector), Charles Moore, Henry Orford 1911, George Stokes, William Thomas (P Way Inspector) 1906, Tony (Italian), John Venmore 1895, George Herbert Watton (Platelayer) 1930, Richard Wild (Platelayer) 1865, George Withers 1864, Abel Wood (Head Ganger) 1935

7805 Broome Manor northbound at Newton Bridge, Bromsgrove 15-12-1961. Photo Phil Saul

D1052 at Bromsgrove 2-5-1964. Photo. Dave Turner.

1841 Census

Bromsgrove Station

Some of the writing is difficult to read hence the question marks.

The following were living at Bromsgrove Station on 6th June 1841.

Thomas Parkins Engine -----?

John Horton Engine ----?

William Simpson Engine ----?

John Fawcett Engine Smith

William Haydon Engineer

Hannah Rutherford widow of Joseph

David Pearson Engineer

Joseph White Smith

John White Engine Driver

James White Labourer

Thomas Horton Engine Fitter

George Wells Engine Fitter

Thomas Richards Coppersmith

Henry Drawin? Brazier

Joseph Bentley Engine ----?

Thomas Sanders Inspector at Station

Israel York Engineer

Richard Walworth Engine Fitter

​John Donohue Engineer

When William Creuze was killed two months earlier both Israel York and John Donohue were described as Engine Drivers so it is possible that the other engineers were also drivers but perhaps using the American term as the locomotives were American. 

Amendment to caption. Caption should read "Ted Higgins on Left"

44806 at Bromsgrove 3-6-1961. Photo Dave Turner.


John Hawkins (Stationmaster) 1891, Salcombe (Stationmaster), Gordon Limb (Stationmaster), Herbert W Palmer (Porter) 1891, A Shill (Stationmaster)1920, Benjamin John Tuffley (Stationmaster), Kelly (Porter) 1906

Bromsgrove Stationmasters

​G Bourne, Jas Weaver (c1860), B Sinkinson (-1866), Thistlewaite (1866-), William Gimson (1869-1892), William Meet (1893-1898), Watkins (1898-1901), Richard Henry Bell (-1908), William Richards (1908-1928), William Houghtley or Houghtby (1928-1932), Mellor (c 1930), Frank Taylor (c1962).


Bromsgrove Wheeltappers

​Joseph Carter 1881, Bill Juggins, Jess Walters, Arthur Wheeler,